02 January 2008

A year with my car

It's been a year since I bought my 2001 Honda Civic.  Aside from some problems with the tires and a little routine maintenance, it's done very well.  Today I crunched some numbers regarding the cost to own the car and the fuel mileage it's been getting. Yeah, I keep all sorts of data when I fill up the car, get repairs, etc. I know, I'm a super-nerd.

Gas mileage

So it's gotten an average of 35 mpg over the last year, which rocks. Also, including the purchase price of the car, inspections, insurance, gas, repairs, etc., it's cost me $0.80 per mile. That's not bad at all.


gelbeenz said...

haha, that's awesome, I want to have a graph! you're an inspiration, Seth ;)

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