25 September 2006

Paper ball

Yesterday, one of my AWANA kids re-taught me (it's been way more than ten years at least) the skill of folding those little inflatable paper ball/boxes:

21 September 2006

Mac OS X Voodoo

Every once in a while some annoying glitch will show up on my Mac or my cousin's or someone else's. The examples of mine which I can think of have to do with the Finder sidebar: my "home" folder mysteriously refusing to be removed from it, or one of the folders on it refusing to open when clicked. My cousin once had a problem where he would get a weird and frustrating delay whenever he opened a "save" or "open" dialog box. All we could tell was that it was a problem with one of our preferences. Well, I figured out that they were caused by the same file: .GlobalPreferences.plist.

Moral of the story: if your Mac is acting up, it's not a bad idea to open up the terminal and run this command: killall Finder; cd ~/Library/Preferences; mv .GlobalPreferences.plist .GlobalPreferences-old.plist