02 January 2008

Setting up boot camp

Today I installed Windows on my Mac. (I'll need it to run MCNP this semester.) For my reference and for your enrichment, here's a few things I did to make my new system more homey.

For Mac-Windows interoperability:To make Windows less annoying and more secure:I have to say that being able to run Windows on here is nice. Apple's job with making it compatible with the Mac hardware is fantastic: all the necessary drivers are installed by simply inserting the 10.5 install DVD into the drive. It includes drivers for WiFi, Bluetooth, the iSight video camera, and even maps all the hardware buttons (sound volume, eject, etc.) to their proper functions.

With Cygwin, I don't have to mess around with the DOS shell, and I can also use its X11 server with MCNP's (admittedly primitive) visualization.


matxdotca said...

Great list of setup tips. As a Mac sysadmin who is now setting more dual-boot Mac/Win systems, this is very helpful.

Matthew said...

Thanks foe this! I've passed this page on to a lot of friends. Very useful.

spreb said...

I'm new to Mac and am experiencing problems with Win7 which i just installed on my MacBook Pro. The problem is, it seems to be running slower than what i expected, it only reads part of the memory installed (2.74 instead of the actual 4GB) and it encountering errors with the video card saying it might be disabled and the video accelerator cannot be used, which i checked is also enabled.

would appreciate all the help. Thanks!

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