31 August 2009

Abbreviating Russian names in BibTeX

Some of my research involves a Russian-developed method called Quasidiffusion, so naturally the appropriate works need to be properly cited. BibTeX, however, was mangling the correctly abbreviated Russian names.

"Дмитрий Ю. Анистратов" is transliterated as "Dmitriy Yu. Anistratov." Note that the middle initial is one character in the Cyrillic alphabet, but it becomes two Latin characters. Even when I enclosed the middle initial with a set of braces (which in most cases forces it to represent the text exactly), BibTeX truncated it to one Latin character (ANISTRATOV, D. Y.), which is incorrect.

The solution, gleaned from this document, is to use {\relax Yu}. as the middle name. Now, the author entry Anistratov, Dmitriy {\relax Yu}. is correctly abbreviated as "ANISTRATOV, D. YU."