20 March 2006


The latest odd thing I did in my spare time was to create a little marshmallow-cooking furnace out of aluminum foil. The chocolate goes on a separate piece of foil that sits on top of it so that it's not rock-hard whenever it's bitten into. It makes a very even, light toast even without rotating it, since I suppose the incident thermal radiation is so uniform. Near-IR shows up as blueish purple to my digital camera, apparently.

Cooking the marshmallowPerfectly roasted

16 March 2006


I completely forgot to wish everyone a happy pi day, and to tell you all to "beware the ides of march!"

Today I made homemade ice cream. Yum.

And I learned yesterday another incredible way of increasing my sugar intake. Buy sugar cubes, saturate them with lime juice, and pop them in your mouth before they fall apart. <3 This is most delicious and sugar-tastic.