19 October 2011

Oh, Google

Google voice transcription of background noise when someone accidentally pocket dialed me:

Hey hey, how sorry bye. Hey, Just okay bye bye bye. Ciao. Thank you. Hello How, yeah Okay bye. Ohh okay, bye. But quo, okay bye bye, okay bye okay Kirk, bye. Cook please bye hey. Hello Hello. Hello. I think. Bye still talk, cost the commercial. Okay bye. Dick, call and Mark, dot, com hey, book. Hey check. Thanks, hey, spoke out bye drop left bye bye, back okay okay bye bye. Hey. Okay bye. Okay, bye Park City. Hey, hey. Hey, bye hey hey you, bye hey pitch. That's perfect book, good okay. I'll talk to you. If you are. I love you bye bye. What's up are you back bro. Hello, hey hello.

Clearly, Google expects a large fraction of phone messages to consist of "hey," "hello," "bye."


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