21 February 2011

Starting Terminal.app with multiple tabs in multiple directories

Almost every time I open up Terminal, I've wanted three tabs open with three particular directories. That means using Cmd-Tab a lot and tab completion to change the directory. I finally got fed up with that and invented a solution to take care of that automatically.

The first step is creating a "Window group" in the terminal. Go to the menu item "Windows < Save Windows as Group…", make up a name, and make sure "use this group at startup" is checked.

The second step is to edit your ~/.bash_profile and add something like this, where each "if" statement gets a different command. This is adaptable to changing the base directory, sshing, etc.

# change PWD to python by default
function change_default_directory() {
 TTYN=$(tty | sed -e 's/.*ttys\([0-9]*\)/\1/')
 if [[ $TTYN == 000  ]]; then
  cd ~/_code/pytrt/
 elif [[ $TTYN == 001  ]]; then
  cd ~/_code/_build/pytrt/
 elif [[ $TTYN == 002  ]]; then
  cd ~/_code/_build/pytrtDEBUG/
 elif [[ $TTYN == 003  ]]; then
  cd ~/_research/current/

if [ -n "$PS1" ]; then

Add more elif blocks if you open five windows, take away more if you open fewer. Enjoy!


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