15 January 2010

ANS transaction summary example

It's "call to papers" time for the ANS transactions, and a number of hits regarding a LaTeX template for it are increasing. (For whatever reason, the ANS only provides an example file in MS Word.)  I've had a request for an example file showing how to use them; for any other interested parties, the example has now been uploaded.


Tamara said...

Even though I won't be using this (I'm out of college and at a utility now) thank you for making this. I found your blog about a year ago when a prof required a paper in ANS format and just gave a Word template.

Seth said...

Hey, I'm delighted that you and others have found this useful. You are very welcome.

Jeremy said...

I second the thanks. I think I first found a version of it (possibly the same) when TAMU had the student conference, so I knew one was out there. I found your blog's link recently and was happy not to use Word.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog while typing up a lab report. And I decided that you should be cordially invited to this year's ANS Student Conference and Georgia Tech!
Hopefully, you're already aware of it, but here's a link anyway:

Thanks for the document, too!

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, I tried using this on Linux (Ubuntu 11.10) and had a problem trying to get the one-column title to show up. My simple solution was to just remove \usepackage{dblfloatfix}.

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