28 January 2009

Return of the "pickup notice"

I have gotten one or two of these in the past. This time it was a lot less mysterious. Even though it had a legitimate non-bulk stamp on it, it was labeled with "enroll at www.feinfo.org" and had a sticker that told me to "CHOOSE [MY] GIFT." Among my choices were a "condo stay," an "iPod shuffle," and a "visa gift card." This one was also labeled with a copyright by "NETWORK DIRECT, INC" which is one of these bogus advertising companies. I've heard about these "just show up to a meeting and you'll get a prize" before. They've been around for decades, and you have to resist a salesman's insistent pushes for an hour or more. That doesn't sound pleasant, and I imagine that if it were too good to be true, it probably would be.


Sam said...

Hey-I just googled this, because I go to UM and received one too. I really could use the $50 so sitting through a meeting didn't seem that bad. I just hope its legit, in that, if I sit through the meeting, I'll get the moneyyy

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